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Intervention Orders

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PLEASE NOTE: As at 27 December 2023, this law firm has reduced its services and now ONLY provides legal advice and representation in the areas of Employment Agreements, Legal Waivers and Governance documents.

An intervention order is a court order made by a magistrate. It can help protect you and your family from anyone who is committing a certain action against you.

There are two types of intervention orders:

The Family Violence Intervention Order is designed to protect family members from family violence. Family violence includes physical or sexual abuse, emotional or psychological abuse, economic abuse or threatening, coercive abuse or controlling or dominating abuse towards a family member and causes that family member to feel fear for the safety or wellbeing of themselves or another family member.

The legal definition of a ‘family member’ includes domestic partners (e.g., husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, de facto partners) and any person who has an ‘intimate relationship’ with the relevant person. It also includes a person’s immediate family—such as a partner, parent, or child—as well as siblings, aunties/uncles, and other relatives. The law can also protect a person from anyone who was a family member in the past.

The Personal Safety Intervention Order is designed to protect an individual, their children and their property from another person's behaviour. 

Ray worked for Victoria Police as a police lawyer in the areas of family violence and major crime for almost three years. During this period, Ray appeared in well over 1500 family violence and personal safety intervention order matters at mention, directions and contest hearings.

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