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Personal Safety Intervention Orders

» Personal Safety Intervention Orders

PLEASE NOTE: As at 27 December 2023, this law firm has reduced its services and now ONLY provides legal advice and representation in the areas of Employment Agreements, Legal Waivers and Governance documents.

A personal safety intervention order is an order made by a magistrate to help protect a person from physical or mental harm caused by someone who is not a family member.

The magistrate may make a personal safety intervention order if the respondent has done any of the following things to the protected person: assault, sexual assault, harassment, property damage or interference with property, serious threats or stalking.

Protection Order
Attending court for a personal safety intervention order hearing

The police will send the respondent copies of the application, summons and any interim orders made. If you are served with a personal safety intervention order, there are a number of options you need to consider. One option might be (depending on the circumstances) to try and resolve the matter by negotiation; that is, if the protected person agrees.